Polar Bear - Timelapse_Mouth/Teeth

Making Of / 03 July 2021

Carrying on with these short "making of" casual videos. Decided to open the mouth a little and modify the teeth/ jaws too. Consider subscribing to my YouTube channel if you like these short ones. A patreon page is in the making too so a lot more angles, content and real time streaming etc. will be available there. Share and spread the word. There are a lot more animals and creatures in the making.

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Elaphocentaur_Making of Part 01-02

Making Of / 13 July 2020

Anatomy practice pt.01

Making Of / 02 July 2019

Here is a video Part 01 of my forward history from the other day. Will turn this into a less generic body and will eventually serve the purpose he was intended for. The idea was to record the entire process so stay tuned for part 02 etc. Atm only blocking the generic body and later on will deviate more into a character design. Stay tuned for Part 02. Cheers!