Polar Bear - Timelapse_Nose

General / 20 June 2021

Trying to slowly get back to work by also trying something new. I am always attempting to refine and polish everything even if we are only taking about work in progress videos or something very casual.  This tends to be a HUGE problem since I run out of gas or simply time and eventually never ending posting it.

So here is something far from finished and a lot less refined/edited. Just a quick non pretentious work in progress video of a polar bear model.

More to come. 

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Boots breakdown timelapse

General / 26 October 2020

Sharing a fun little timelapse video from my barbarian piece that I'm working on. Just a little teaser for now

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Elaphocentaur - wip

General / 18 July 2020

Refining hands, pose, everything really. So far of. 


zeus_hand update

General / 18 February 2020

Stole some time on the tube to block the hand in forget app. Then I spent another 20mins shaping a bit more the fingers. Still very sketchy, but mainly searching the pose and gesture. The arm position will change. but hey work in progress.

Shepard - work in progress

General / 08 January 2020

Working on something. There is no symmetry or reference here. 

Lion Expression_WIP

General / 20 September 2019


Just a work in progress on my lion. Playing with his expression and having a lot more to do. This is just a fraction from something much bigger.

Horse Head

General / 09 August 2019

Short caption showing my progress on my horse sculpture. 

Changed quite a lot. 

Pushing in and out and closing the gap between a believable skull is a good way to see what's wrong with your model. It is not always necessary, but there was something off in this model that I was not happy with so decided to go that way.  I am tweaking both head and body, but this video shows only the current stage I am with the head. 

Still work in progress.

Lion Pt.03

General / 28 July 2019

Bit more OLD vs NEW. Put another extra 2 hours in today. Can not wait to pose him, but legs and paws are something very important for me, so had to do that first. Timelapse on vimeo and artstation. Too lo g for here. Heavy WIP still. 


General / 27 July 2019

Put another hour and half today on this lion. Mainly the progress here is on the front feet. When it comes to hands and feet, I see a lot of artists ignoring that part, which in fact is very important. There is so much power and character in lion's paws that I wanted to dedicate a fair amount of time on it. Later when posing it will come handy to have a solid base and continue from there. Onto part 03...

You can see Timelapse Pt.01 on my blog

Lion Pt. 01( revisiting old work)

General / 26 July 2019

I feel that sometimes is more difficult to improve old work of yours rather than starting fresh. It needs courage to change what's already there. What has been considered as "good" by the same person that was you. I am saying was, because that's not you anymore. Hopefully you have improved and learned a lot. Developed further your knowledge, touch and sense for shapes and volumes. I do like going back to older works and find it quite satisfying to switch between the old and new "model". 

Here's a small video timelapse part 01 of the process.